Meet our 2024 bursary winner, Juliet May

Our 2024 bursary winner is Juliet May, an incredibly motivated business and arts student destined for a bright future.

Beginning her university journey with QUT, Juliet and her family moved down to Tassie in 2022 where Juliet enrolled with UTAS, where both her mother and grandmother studied in the past. Originally only able to do a business and communications degree with QUT, her move to UTAS enabled her to pursue a double degree in business and arts with three majors: human resource management, media & communications and theatre performance.

Juliet has worked in multiple roles since leaving high school, including a contract job through Serco with the ATO, BWS, management consultancy business ‘Honestally’ in Hobart and Theatre Royal. She currently works at the restaurant Milicia in Ulverstone.

Growing up around the business world, with her parents and brother (and now her partner) owning their own businesses, Juliet decided she wanted to study a degree in business. “I just love that whole world,” she told me. Her entrepreneurial spirit drives her to discover ways to make businesses even better, like her suggestion of a coffee window in her parents’ bookstore business when she was just twelve. Juliet also has a passion for film, theatre and stage management.

Having moved to the North West Coast of Tasmania in October last year, Juliet is incredibly grateful for Business Northwest’s bursary, which has helped to alleviate much of the financial strain that comes from studying full time.

After finishing her degree, Juliet hopes to use what she has learnt to pursue her passions by getting a part-time HR job, getting her foot in the door by doing some freelance film-related work for different companies and working back at the Theatre Royal. Travel plans are also on the horizon. Juliet’s ideal future involves a career in film direction and production in the Australian film industry.

Business Northwest wishes Juliet all the best for the rest of her studies and the exciting road ahead!