Breakfast with Amy Dyer – Oct 11

Join us for our breakfast networking session on Wednesday the 11th of October to hear Marketing Strategist & Founder of Fearless Business Collective Amy Dyer talk about the Power of Social Media for Business.

With over 8 years experience working in marketing, Amy is an energetic and engaging leader in her field. She gained her experience working as a marketing manager for a national company, then grew a successful marketing agency serving local Tassie clients and has mentored small business owners all around Australia through her online programs teaching how to use social media to grow an online presence; she knows this world inside out!

A born and bred Tasmanian, she is obsessed with this island; hence her love for good food and a glass of red at the end of the day. She is as extroverted as they come, loves being outside, good music and coffee, but can’t bake or throw a frisbee. Her desire is to make a genuine impact on her community.

Amy is passionate about creating social media campaigns that go far deeper than some pretty posts on a feed and dig into the struggles a company is having. She has a unique ability to completely transform brands through incredible creative campaigns. When it comes to teaching, she cuts through the clutter to get to the crux of what is most important for businesses to apply when it comes to social media. She is honest, forward-thinking and will change the way you use social media in your business for the better!

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