Breakfast with MPs Anita Dow, Shane Broad and Janie Finlay

On the 15th of March, MPs Anita Dow, Shane Broad and Janie Finlay will present “Working for Tasmania’s Economic Future”. 

Deputy Labor Leader Anita Dow MP, Shadow Minister for Small Business Janie Finlay MP and Shadow Treasurer Shane Broad MP will outline the challenges facing Tasmanians today, and how a Labor Government will address those challenges. The team understands that a strong economy is the foundation of a strong future for Tasmania. Right now, the soaring cost of living for households, increasing energy prices and difficulties with attracting and retaining staff are hurting Tasmanians and curtailing business growth, especially in the regions.

Join Anita Dow, Janie Finlay and Shane Broad to discuss Labor’s approach to sensible economic management for the future of Tasmania.

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