Breakfast with Hugh Marquis

Hugh is an experienced entrepreneur, executive leader, speaker, inventor and social change philanthropist.  Hugh and Jane have built, transformed and sold companies spanning many industries including Hospitality, Human Resources, Telecommunications, Forestry and Information Technology. Most notably, Hugh was the visionary founder of Education IT services provider, Network Neighborhood which they sold to Australia’s leading electronics retailer, JB Hifi, in a high profile public sale. 
He is the CEO of Transformational Leadership Australia and in 2019 authored a new book “Take Your Framework and Stick It Up Your Pipeline: Finding a New Normal in Business”.  
Hugh is a sort after speaker and consultant who travels globally, advising Governments, business and other leaders. This has inspired a journey to transform societies rooted in greed, fear and corruption to one motivated by caring, sharing and prosperity for all.
He will set you up for great conversations and launch you on a transformational journey that will impact your family, business, community, city, nation and world.